Sunday, May 24, 2020

Pandemic and weak governments

The signs that most of the worlds governments are weak and stupid are showing again, this time in the way that they are mostly stepping down on protecting us all from the pandemic by isolation.

I am no expert and would like to think I am wrong, but evidence is growing that I am not.

Here in the UK, the PM wants to get children back to school ASAP as though that is the most important thing. Yes, education is important - NOT SCHOOLING. Getting children together, exercising together in confined rooms and breathing each others air is one of the main ways that CR-19 has been shown to spread. The children WILL spread the virus, take it back to the families and we are back to square one.

In the US, the President seems to be in denial. At the drop of a hat he allows people to open churches, congregate and holiday, so he can play golf apparently?

Similar stories are appearing around the world, except it seems, in Australia, one of the few places taking things seriously

Brand me a cynic if you like but I feel that most of these people are being driven by the need to get money. Their loss of money is more scary to them than being ill. If they all die, what then for them or their families.

Just saying!

Saturday, May 23, 2020


So I thought, I've got a spare couple of hours. I know, I'll do an audit of my passwords and see if any need to be changed.

Three days later and .. Well I didn't realise how many places I'd got passwords and looking at them how similar many of them seem to be. At least I haven't used something like "password 1234". From what I've read that's actually quite common even with some of the very tech-savvy youngsters."

Now,t after this time spent I can sit back and worry slightly less. It was hard work and took a lot longer than expected.M/p>

Guess what Ill be doing again in 60 days.

Just saying!

A New Start

I suppose it's here we go again. I look back and haven't posted for 2 years. so I'm starting with a clean sweep in the middle of the lockdown - well I hope towards the end.

From what I see the pandemic has brought out the best in many people, but it's also brought out the worst in a lot. There are so many examples of people who just don't give a .... It really hurts.

Speaking about bringing out the best. I've heard a lot about the health service and carers, but what about the utilities. Without them there would be nothing else. What can you do with no power, water or communication!

Just saying!

Friday, May 22, 2020


What better to do on a rainy day than to listen to a good book.

Slyboy and ZaniaThanever are reading Alice in Wonderland on Twitch each week.

Just saying!