Monday, December 18, 2006


When I was young, I used to look forward each year to the one short time during which my dad had fireworks in the back garden.
Since the year 2000 fireworks are spread all through the year and there's nothing special anymore. The fireworks aren’t so 'pretty' to look at, merely noisy - the bigger the bang the better seems the concept of the day.
The trouble is now it seems we are living in a war zone. With the increasing size of the fireworks I fear for all our safety the small gardens in modern houses are not suited to such large explosions
We have already this year had a firework warehouse go up in flames - it was in the middle of a residential area and burning for days and firemen were hurt trying to put it out
Each year bonfires have been places in such a position as to endanger the overhead power lines [I used to work for the local power company].
Where is it going to end? How many people does it take to die before something is done?