Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Post & Mail

I don't know what the rest of the world is like, but we seem to be suffering an affliction here in the UK. getting a letter or package transported from one part of the country to another is a chore.

In our street after the postman [mailman] has been, the neighbours are quite often seen going from house to house taking post to the correct recipient. Yesterday our postman was apparently seen walking up the road taling on his mobile phone [cellphone] grabbing letters out of his bag and just shoving them through a door - we had letters for 2 other houses, not unusual.

If a parcel is expected, the carriers seem totally incapable of declaring when a parcel will be delivered to a residential address. I'm sending packages and parcels at work as a document controller and I'm able to requst delivery at a certain time but the only thing I can guarentee at home is that it's 1 minute after my wife and I drive away that the parcel van arrives - I'm sure he'd been hiding around the corner for an hour and a half waiting for us to go!

My moans are down to my wife ordering some books which are being delivered one by one. We recieved two yesterday in two separate packages. One was jammed hard in the letterbox [book inside was bent and damaged] the other was left outside the door. The weather was very wet yesterday and my wife was inside the house waiting for the delivery! I don't think we'll ever win.

Anyone abroad [from UK] who has a few minutes drop us a line and tell us what your experiences are.