Monday, November 20, 2006

Me moaning / Me happy

I know that I originally set this up to issue bouquets and brickbats to various websites that I surf to, I'm starting the new blogger beta with both a moan and statement of joy.
As I've been so bury drowning in paper recently I've been unable to surf and had little time to log on to Blogger. So it was with some surprise to log on and to be invited to change over to blogger beta. Anyone out there reading this who want to start a Blog themselves could do a lot worse than to log on to '' and to register for themselves.
Moaning! well it's just a typical english reaction to our local Weather!. I was hot yesterday so deceided to open the kitchen window to cool down the house. Within seconds windstorms started and blew all our plants off the kitchen windowsill onto the floor - resulting in an hours work cleaning up soil off the work surface and floor and throwing away the coffee I'd just made for my wife and myself. Todat as my son and I walked through the front door to drive to the station to go to work and college the heavens opened and the heaviest rain for some time fell upon us. By the time I'd got to our city centre the sun was out and all I could see was glorious weather until now I'm about to go home and to say the least it's getting black in the sky again.
All you guys outside the UK might now see why we're obsessed with the stuff.
Anyway back to the surfing. A site found by accident by my wife yesterday. Entertainment 9/10 Navigation 9/10 Sheer joy value 10/10 - try it and you'll see what I mean. Great if you work in an office and you get a few minutes of boredom or you are waiting [typical executive toy type of site but fun for all. Click on