Thursday, December 07, 2006


Bouquet time.

Following various searches the other day I had cause to go to the Wikidot website. Try as I might, I cannot fault what I found. If you want a website for nothing - be it an 'ordinary website', a forum what ever you want, as long as you can follow how to edit a wiki - easy - then a website is there waiting for you.

I have nothing to gain here. I'm not involved nor is anyone I know - I'm totally independant. My son was asking a while ago where he could create a website, yesterday I pointed him to here. How you'd get on with search engines I don't know, but I don't see that there should be a problem.

The whole site appears configurable you just have to accept small amount of advertising at the bottom. I've not seen any advertising yet.[David's World]

Try it. If it doesn't come up to expectations, give me a call. If it does tell me all about the sebsite that you,ve created.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Paperless Office

A few years ago the concept of a paperless office was proposed. Trees the world around breathed a sigh of relief.

It seems to me that the relief felt by the trees was more than a little misplaced. I work in such an office and the amount of paper not only being used but also wasted is getting to be phenominally mountainous. We send emails and both sender and recipient print off a copy 'just in case'. Documents are drafted and re-drafted etc. and prints taken at each stage.

I see litterally reams of paper being delivered each week and disappearing. There are recycling bins which are filled to overflowing on a regular basis but the general waste bins are also filled daily.

This is one office. Multiply this by the number of offices that there are especially those without recycling wheely-bins and add to that the amount of waste strewn around the streets not just I should imagine in the UK but other countries as well and it's a wonder that there any trees left in the world.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Morning Commute in UK

So much for the great British 'Reserve'.

It's not just the young that we have to fear these days on the trains and buses in England. A typical commuting morning on the train near Birmingham this morning proved that. As a result of 1 train leaving early and the next train being cancelled at the last moment - no reason given (how surprising!), the train which eventually arrived was a short train ( 3 carriages instead of 6) and as a result was to say the least very crowded.

Most of the carriage I was in (and from later conversations with others so were the other two) were like cattle trucks - except that you wouldn't allow cattle to be put in such crowded conditions as they would be too traumatised. One woman deceided that she wanted plenty of elbow room to read her free Metro newspaper. She was asked to move down to make room for other passengers but refused. A shouting match ensued and I was a little concerned that a physical fight might start up. Thankfully all parties ended the journey glowering at each other and probably simmering the rest of the day. All three were middle-aged so its not just the kids who are trouble makers.

I love travelling by train these days - NOT!