Saturday, December 30, 2006

The 10th Kingdom

Some time ago, whilst I was at work, my wife and son discovered a miniseries on TV. They told me about it and it sounded interesting.

It brought all the elements of fairy stories together and bound it up with the modern world. A waitress and her father get taken into a world where fairy tales are true history when three trolls come through into our world through a mirror whilst chasing a prince who had been turned into a golden retriever.

The story follows the adventures of the waitress and her father as they try to find the way back to their own world.

This Christmas Sky 3 repeated the showing of The 10th. Kingdom in 10 episodes. I found it to be the best TV over the whole Chistmas 2006 season.

If anyone hasn't seen it yet then get hold of a copy it is definitely worth it! The characters are believable even in a fantasy setting and they are both written and played such that you care what happens to them - I love the Wolfs characterisation, Scott Cohen should have had an award for his performance. Whilst the many top names shine bright, he easily outshines them all.

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